Sampler Consortium News Update

March 10, 2023

Sampler Consortium members have been increasingly active over the last year - conducting virtual seminars and in-person presentations; launching initiatives to locate and document samplers in their geographic areas; writing books, articles, and blogs; and curating exhibitions - to name just a few of the many activities designed to extend and enhance our knowledge of historic samplers and related girlhood embroideries. In response to all this energy we are going to try something new — actually a few new things.

First, each month on this website we are going to highlight one or two new developments, accomplishments, research, or information queries submitted by our Sampler Consortium members. The goal is to publish something new each month, so think about this as a place to get the word out about what you are doing (see contact info below).

Second, the Sampler Consortium is launching a Sampler Central Instagram page, and will be posting announcements about upcoming presentations, publications, exhibitions, events, etc. These a nouncements will continue to be sent to Sampler Consortium members in our monthly newsletter, but on Instagram we can include images and possibly post things earlier. Please be patient with us on this — it will take a while to get up to speed but we think the benefits will be worth the additional work and wait. We encourage you to visit often and share your likes, comments, and feedback (

Third, the Sampler Consortium is currently collaborating with three major sampler initiatives, and expect there will be more in the future: (a) the Sampler Archive Project; (b) the Vermont Sampler Initiative, and (c) the Dutchess County Sampler Initiative. There is (or will be) a link to recent information about each project in the top menu of this website, under Projects.

And fourth, in order to support the projects on which the Sampler Consortium is collaborating, we are launching a more sustained and visible fundraising effort. Each project will have its own request for donations (see Donate buttons on project pages) and description of why the funds are needed. It is also possible to donate to the Sampler Consortium's discretionary fund to support both ongoing and upcoming projects (see Donate button below). In the future we will be trying some more innovative fundraising efforts as well, thanks to the generosity of a few very special Sampler Consortium members — stay tuned for that.

Thanks for your ongoing support over the years! If you know sampler lovers who have not yet joined the Sampler Consortium — please forward our URL and the most recent Sampler Consortium newsletter. As always, membership is free!

Lynne Anderson, President
[email protected]
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